Guitartraining Addon 10

All about pentatonic scales (major pentatonic and inversions) (level: all levels)

A must have for your collection!

In this add-on you´ll find over 100 videos plus a 70 pages interactive pdf-file with notation and TABs. Each exercise is played at a slow and a medium tempo. Included are all sorts of scale exercises for the pentatonic scale, with inversions, diagrams, explanations, backing tracks.

Don´t think the pentatonic scale is only for rock guitarists because everybody plays the fourth inversion of the major pentatonic scale (commonly called "minor pentatonic" - which in fact it isn´t ). 

It has lots more to offer and to explore. Kenny Burrell, Grant Green and George Benson used this scale a lot and what they are playing doesn´t sound boring at all…….

Download size: 325 MB

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