Guitartraining Addon 13

All about playing octaves on the guitar (level: all levels)

In this add-on you´ll find 40 videos plus backing tracks, high qualitiy renditions of all exercises plus solos) plus a 64 pages interactive pdf-file with notation and TABs. 


1. basic exercises, building octaves, fingerings, how to produce a round and warm sound, scales and fluency exercises

2. tips on how to improve synchronicity, legato exercises

3. exercises on how to improve orientation on the neck, diatonic exercises : thirds, triads and 7th chords

4. exercises to improve rhythm and phrasing

5. articulation: slides and hammer-ons, typical Wes Montgomery techniques

6. II-V-I patterns in octaves

7. complete solo transcriptions over II-V progressions and blues in Fm7

Improved video quality! 

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EUR 12.95

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