Guitartraining Addon 15

All about the dorian scale (level: all levels)

In this add-on you´ll find videos plus backing tracks in different keys and tempos plus an interactive pdf-file with notation and TABs. 

This time it has become even more interactive. By using the platform "Soundslice" you can watch notation and video simultaneously, you can slow down music, see the fretboard and much more. Check it out by creating a free account here:


1. A little bit of theory

2. basic exercises: the dorian scale in triads and up to the fifth

3. fingerings and charts for the dorian scale

4. modal improvisation: the dorian scale over dom7th, half-diminished and lydian chords

5. building modal lines with the dorian scale

6. building longer phrases with chromatic passing tones

7. II-V-I phrases

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