Guitartraining XL - (English and German Language)

Guitar Training is a new way of learning jazz guitar. 

It is a collection of interactive material from beginner level to advanced level.

- improve your playing 

- watch numerous instructional videos, 

- practice all scales and arpeggios,

- get to know typical jazz phrases and patterns,

- get deeper insights into the harmonic structure of jazz standards,

- learn how to play great sounding chord voicings,

- jam along with inspiring backing tracks,

- print out sheet music and tabulature ..............


- scales ( major, melodic and harmonic minor, altered scale, blues scale……. )

- technical exercises for daily practice

- pentatonic scales - arpeggios 

- chord charts - basic-chords und advanced chords

- voicings for many standard tunes

- comping and solo examples for standard chord progressions as in:

- Blue Bossa, - Autumn Leaves, - Satin Doll, - Take the A-Train, - Misty, - One Note Samba, 

- All the things you are, - Rhythm Changes, - Blues, - Bossa, - Swing and much more….

- block chords Wes Montgomery style

- tons of patterns in dorian, mixolydian , II - V - I, altered and half-diminished, 

- turnaround phrases (I - VI - II - V) 

- diagrams and charts for drop2 und drop3 voicings, chord inversions

- substitution charts for chords and scales 

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