Transcriptions #9 - George Benson

jazz guitar 

In this pdf-booklet I have transcribed five selected solos played by George Benson. The solos have been transcribed as exactly as possible from his recordings.

The following solos are included:

- Beyond the Ozone (focus on George Benson´s octaves with added fourth or fifth)

- Billie´s Bounce (focus on Benson´s blues phrases and block chords ala Wes Montgomery)

- Dontcha hear me calling (focus on pentatonics and blues phrases)

- Stand up (focus on pentatonics and double time phrases)

- Stella by Starlight (focus on playing over enhanced chord progressions and across bar playing)

The transcription package comes in a 34 pages pdf file with notation and TAB plus a code for the course on "", where you have a interactive access to the notation. You can see the sheet music in realtime, listen to the audio, slow down the music, view the live fretboard and much more. This is awesome!

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